Hydration and Dehydration

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Hydrating and dehydrating

Even though hydrating is vitally important in multiple ways to benefit all your body’s functions. By dehydrating is even a higher value as it works against your body balance and can cause a lot of effects that you might already be noticing or aware of. SOME areas or causes of dehydration are fatigue, headaches, blue moods and brain fog. According to Robert O YOUNG*1 Even if you are aware of the amount of water that you drink on a daily basis you would still be dehydrating yourself mildly. The problem that Tap and bottled water are made up of large molecules and are not efficiently absorbed by body cells so this water can actually be passing right through you system without doing it’s function it is set up to do. Furthermore this type of water doesn’t provide electrolytes needed to maintain optimal fluid balance and when you drink this type of water you can actually dilute the level of these energizing minerals. This speed these liquids out of your body and makes dehydration worse. So even though you are trying to do the right thing by drinking more water by drinking the wrong water you can be hurting yourself. So what can you do about this Drink less water? NOT!! drinking the right water can reverse this problem. Ionized water is made of smaller molecules and ca be absorbed an cleanse more efficiently  Also if that wasn’t enough, the Ionized water has a high PH level that help to balance  your body fluid  to a higher PH level that you get closer you what ph level your body should be 7.6325. it can change the acidity in our system.


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